Wednesday, October 16, 2013

DIY No-Sew Fox Ears

If you've been wondering like I've been wondering, "how do I make fox ears", you've come to the right place. I'm going as Felicity Fox for Halloween and my man Joel is going as Foxy Fantastic (is that his name, or is it just Mr?, or Foxy Fox Fantastic? or is he just a Fantastic Mr. Fox? I dunno, the internet has failed me on that one).
Anywho, here is a simple No-Sew Fox Ears Tutorial for anyone who needs fox (or any animal with a swap of colour) ears.



Decide what size and shape you want your ears to be in relation to your face/hair, etc. When you are satisfied with your shape, cut it out and call it orange. Trace this shape again and divide into a white inner ear and a black tip. I cut my white a slight bit smaller so that the orange could wrap around the front a bit. When you are ready, cut the fur out using the paper shapes as templates. Try to keep your scissors close to the fabric the fur is attached to. When you cut, use short snips to avoid cutting the hair on the fur. Ensure the fur is pointed "up" when you cut out the pieces, as shown below.
Assemble the ears on the headband as shown below:
 I finished by wrapping the orange around the front a bit to give them an orange border, but it isn't necessary. Trim up the edges to give the ears the shape you want I made Joels have shorter fur and mine more wispy and feminine. And VOILA! There you have some easy, no-sew, no-fuss, reusable fox ears!
 Feel free to swap the colours, shapes and fur-lengths to change your species! Happy crafting!
Next up: Tails!

If you're popping over from Pinterest, Welcome! My name is Bitty and this is where I share easy and cheap DIY posts, Recipes, my obsessive love of plants and random inspiration. I believe in stylish living for everyone despite how much money they have, so sit back, explore, leave some comments if you feel like it, and most importantly, Enjoy!

Are you getting excited for Halloween or what?! I sure am.

ps: see the finished costume here


  1. This so sooo cute! Where did you buy your faux fur?

  2. Thanks, Gracie! I bought it at a store in Vancouver called DresSew, but any faux fur from your local fabric store will work. I find longer fur is more forgiving because it covers up the glue well and you can trim the shape down once you're finished. :)

  3. Amazing! You just inspired me to make my own ears (and tail!) I was considering felt but these are so much cuter. Is the fur at Dressew a decent price?

    1. Thanks lady! It's about 29.99/m for the long stuff, but you can definitely manage with just a very narrow sample of fur (around 20 mm should do) because the rolls are super wide. For the black bits, I used some of that pre-cut stuff that is used for trim, but a small sample would work for that too. :)

    2. Awesome, thank you! No-sew is my favorite phrase in the whole world.

  4. As a 61 year old grandmother who had to retire from work 3 years ago because of rheumatoid arthritis
    I absolutely love your no sew fox ears and no sew fox tail they are easy to make and perfect for my little grandson's Fantastic Mr Fox costume which I am helping with for world book day on March 6th. Thank you so much for sharing your knowledge and for your generosity of heart. It really is inspiring and helpful to people like me who need to keep busy. Best Wishes and thank you again

    1. I am honestly so happy that you find it helpful. Fantastic Mr. Fox is one of the best children's books, what a great choice for World Book Day! Thank you so much for reading, I'm glad you like it!

  5. Hi this sounds very easy, but I live in Australia and im not sure where to get the materials. Any ideas??

    1. Well I've never been to Australia, but I got the floral wire, headbands and glue gun/glue at the local dollar store, I assume your dollar stores are similar.
      As for the fabric, here are some links I've found:
      Good luck :D

  6. Thank-you, my school is doing a few scenes from Fantastic Mr Fox, and I was cast as Mrs Fox. I am in charge of making the costumes for my scene.
    Thanks for the luck I'll be needing it!



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